Missing configuration against decompression bomb


Decompression bombs are a form of attack against an application or service that processes compressed files. The attacker crafts a compressed file that is small in size, but when decompressed, expands to a much larger size that is disproportionate to the original. This can exhaust system resources like CPU, memory, or disk space, leading to a Denial of Service (DoS).


Implement measures to mitigate the impact of decompression bombs:

✅ Limit Decompression Size

Use io.LimitReader to restrict the amount of data that a reader will decompress. This prevents the decompression of large files that could fill up memory or disk space.

✅ Monitor Resource Usage

Implement resource monitoring to watch for unexpected spikes in CPU, memory, or disk usage, which could indicate an attempted decompression bomb attack.

✅ Input Validation

Validate the size and type of the input before decompressing. If possible, reject files that do not meet expected criteria.

✅ Fail Safely

Ensure that your application can handle errors from the decompression process safely, without crashing or becoming unresponsive.

✅ Regular Updates

Keep compression libraries up to date with the latest security patches to protect against known vulnerabilities.

✅ User Education

Educate users about the risks of decompression bombs if they are able to upload compressed files.

import (

func main() {
// Open the gzip file
f, err := os.Open("example.gz")
if err != nil {
defer f.Close()

// Create a gzip reader on the file
r, err := gzip.NewReader(f)
if err != nil {
defer r.Close()

// Define a limit for decompression
const maxDecompressSize = 10 * 1024 * 1024 // 10 MB

// Limit the size of the reader
limitedReader := io.LimitReader(r, maxDecompressSize)

// Use the limited reader to decompress, preventing the decompression bomb from expanding fully
if _, err := io.Copy(os.Stdout, limitedReader); err != nil {

Associated CWE


To skip this rule during a scan, use the following flag

bearer scan /path/to/your-project/ --skip-rule=go_gosec_filesystem_decompression_bomb

To run only this rule during a scan, use the following flag

bearer scan /path/to/your-project/ --only-rule=go_gosec_filesystem_decompression_bomb