Contribute to Bearer's documentation

If you're interested in contributing to Bearer's documentation, this guide will help you do it. If you haven't already, review the contributing overview for different ways you can contribute.

Contribute directly on GitHub

If you're making a change to an existing page, or fixing something small like a typo, you can do so directly on GitHub. Select the "Edit this page" link in the right column on any page in the docs to edit the page's source.

Setting up local development

The documentation is built with eleventy and tailwindcss, and written primarily in markdown. To get started, you'll need NodeJS 12 or newer.

Once you've forked and cloned the repo, navigate to the docs directory, and npm install to bootstrap the dependencies.

npm install

With dependencies installed, you can start a local dev server by running the start command:

npm start

Getting help

If you're unsure where to start, have questions, or need help contributing to the documentation, join our community discord and we'll be happy to help out.