Update the Broker

Bearer regularly updates the Broker in order to provide new features, bug fixes, and more. Our full list of versions and their release notes are available on Docker hub.

Git repository (SCM) integration

Run docker pull bearersh/broker:latest to pull the latest image.
Alternatively, you can run docker pull bearersh/broker:v3.0.0 to be on the latest version.

CI/CD integration

You can specify the version in the Dockerfile:
FROM ubuntu:latest
ARG VERSION=latest # Specify the version here e.g v3.1.0 see <>
# git is a required dependency for the broker to work
RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install curl unzip git
RUN echo "using version ${VERSION}"
RUN mkdir /app
RUN curl${VERSION}/ --output /app/
RUN unzip /app/
ADD ./ /app/
RUN chmod u+x -R /app
ENTRYPOINT ["/app/"]